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Alteration in MOA

Alteration in MOA

Memorandum of Association (MOA)

Memorandum of Association is a charter document of a company which defines the scope of companies activities. It sets out the objectives, limitations and powers of a company. Any alteration to the MOA must also comply with the provisions of the Act and require the approval of the shareholders and the ROC.

Alteration of a MOA is allowed under following circumstances-

  • Change in name.
  • Change in objectives.
  • Change in registered office.
  • Change in authorized share capital.

The following eForm need to be filed:

Filing of form MGT-14 (within 30 days of passing the resolution)

Professional Assistance

CA/CS Assisted

    Alteration in MOA

    Standard Package

    (All Inclusive)

    EMI’s Facility Also Available


    • Documents Preparation
    • Filing of MGT-14

    Standard Package

    Registration Cost (All Inclusive) in INR.