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Audition and deletion of Partner OR Designated Partner in LLP

Audition and Deletion of Partner or Designated Partner in LLP

A) Deletion of Partner or Designated Partner In LLP

Partner in a LLP can resign from a LLP by providing notice of resignation in writing not less than 30 days to the other Partners in the LLP. In the following circumstances, a LLP Partner would automatically cease to be a Partner in the LLP:
  • On death of the Partner
  • On dissolution of the LLP
  • If the Partner is declared to be of unsound mind
  • If the Partner is adjusted as an insolvent or declared as insolvent.

B) Procedure for Appointment of Designated Partner

  • Acquiring Digital Signature Certificate
  • Obtaining Designated Partner Identification Number
  • Preparing all required documents pertaining to the appointment of the Designated Partner
  • Hold meeting and pass resolution for appointment of Designated Partner
  • File the relevant E-forms with the Registrar of companies within 30 days of appointment of Designated Partner

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